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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Month activity in July'11

Pidilite depot:
Mr Ganesh and his team crossed 10 crore billing in July. All dispatches completed on 2 nd of August. With heavy load of billing completed the dispatches on time. They are completing stock taking.
New lanch CC and Roff division in Pidilite depot.
Congratulation to Sachin , Ganesh and his team.

Mr Gaurav and Mr Pravin has joined Pidilite depot Both are MBA from reputed institutes. Mr Vishal Kamble has joined in accounts department he has done his Bcom . Welcome to all of you wishing best for the opportunities in upcoming future.

Amway depot:
Mr Ganesh Omble and his team has completed dispatches on 1 st itself. Amway depot has crossed 10,000 invoices for July which was average 7300.
Congrats to mr Ganesh and his team.
Mr Ganesh & his team has taken initiative & done activity of week for NTBU arrangement in new manner which is appretiated by Mr Avinash sharma Regional head Amway RO office.

Wishing best for their new initiatives.!!!

Adani depot:

Adani depot has completed month end on 31st with dispatches.
Adani depot has started new sms system for intimation for parties depositing cheque before 2 days and on depositing day.

Good initiative taken by Yogesh and his team.

Exide depot:
Exide depot has completed the dispatches on 2 nd of august. They are taking good initiatives for making stock and stream line the working.

We have conducted WORK SHOP on CEASE FIRE handling on 14/07/2011 at 4 pm to 5.30 pm.

In Work Shop alongwith Practical demo many other things how to handle the Fire situation well explain by him .

The Work shop details are as under....

1) The work shop has conducted a professional trainer from Ajit Fire Engineers.

Things always require updated for Fighting with Fire
a) Water tank or tap & long pipe.
b) Two Basket with Full Sand at One stand. ( as per the area )
c) All three type Cease Fire in adequate quantity.
d) Poster of Fire extinguisher - Learn to use the suitable type of fire extinguisher
e) Training for fire fight.

2) If Fire is Big do following things first.
a) Called Fire Brigged & Police ( emergency telephone number list must)
b) Cut of Electricity & called to MSEB too.
c) Vacant the place i.e . Remove all the human beings from that place.
d) Alarm on immediately.

3) If is small do following steps immediately.

a) Alert to all near by persons
b) Open the emergency exit
c) Identify the reason & remove near by such same & other inflammable things from that place ( paper , petrol , diesel, off the electricity, close the windows to stop air coming from outside)
d)If Fire due to & Cease Fire Type Use on that particular material.
i) Fire to Wood , Paper Use Type "A'" Cease Fire which contains Water & Gas Cartridge.
ii) If Fire due Oil , Kerosene Use Type " B" C" cease Fire which contains dry chemical powder & Gas CO2
iii) If Fire due to Wood , Paper, oil & Kerosene , electricity , LPG gas than Use " A B C " type Dry powder & nitrogen containing cease Fire cylinder .

4) How to handle cease fire cylinder.

a)Keep it at place of entrance & easily accessable spot or wall mounting place.
b)How to take out from huck & how to hold in hand , how to run to avoid not to collapse it with our leg while running
other wise we will fall down & injured that person & cylinder might open .
c)Holding position of the pipe towards fire with the judgment of Air direction. For Dry powder cease fire distance
between person & fire must be 5 to 7 fit & for liquid cylinder of water distance must be 10-15 fit from Fire.

5) Enclosed the photographs of Practical activity taken at velocity
In above training all the staff of Lupin depot actively participated.

Shaikh, Pramod, Vishal, More, Malhari, Bhanudas, Pawar, Anil pardeshi, Suraj, Nitin, Chetan, Mangesh & Avinash Wani

In Lupin in surprise audit of stock found no discrepancy in sample taking stock also Mr. Avinash Shrivastava – RCM has visited on 14.07.2011 given lot of good information regarding working & approach toward the work also update importance of GRN.

During the month from Lupin depot Mr. Nasir Shaikh has visited Narayangaon & Manchar distributors has from wockhardt Mr. V Patil has visited Nasik distributors.
Feedback of customers very good regarding the services.

Lupin & Wockhardt team had done good activity of timely dispatching of month ending billing in spite of heavy billing on last days of month.

Surprise from Lupin have entered into a strategic collaboration with Eli Lily India to promote and distribute Lily's Huminsulin Product range.

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