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Thursday, March 22, 2012

        सर्वांना गुडी पाडव्याच्या व  नवीन वर्षाच्या  हार्दिक  शुभेछा ,

                                                                                                         नवीन वर्ष सर्वाना सुख समृध्दीचे  जावो ;

                      HR Department.

Protocol of the weekly meeting .

Protocol of the weekly meeting to be held at 4.00pm every Wednesday.

1) In weekly meeting head of department should be involved e.g. Dispatch, store, account, expiry. 
2) The meeting decorum should be maintain, please do not take standing meeting.
3) For meeting separate diary should be maintained.
4) The meeting should be started by taking review of last meeting points.
5) Depot manager should   decide what the point he has to discuss with his coleagues before meeting. 
6) He should discuss the changes happen in company policy and also company progress news if any, in meeting.
7) He should  appreciated good work done by his coleagues and should discussed on the area of work improvement and step to be taken also he should not be critise his colleagues  in meeting. 
8) Any important information from blog must be shared.

“Together we can achieve more”.

HR Department.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cold Chain Training Sesation

Mr.Nasir Shaikh and Mr. Pramod Sutar have given training on 03.03.2012, to all Our Packing Staff/Supervisors/ Computer Operators, regarding Handling of Cold Chain Products.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Performance Appraisal

WHAT is Performance Appraisal?
All collaborative process between an employee and superior to plan the performance and have periodic check on;
•How the job is going
•How the employee a performing
•How the employee can develop
•What the superior do to make it happen

WHY conduct a Performance

Good human resources practice
Facilitate communication between supervisors and employees
Provide a framework of goals and standards from which to measure performance.
Act as a forum for individual career development issues
Develop action and training plans to address performance problems
Serve as a tool to determine salary increases
Assure a formal time and place for all these events to happen

WHEN to conduct a
Performance Appraisal
The performance review must occur at least once in a year
However, as a part of Performance Management, the performance review is a continuing, ongoing activity

OBJECTIVES of Performance
Establish a more effective two way communication
Set performance objectives
Help improve current performance
Assess past performance
Provide feedback on performance
Identify training & development needs
Allocate rewards
Identify staff with promotional possibilities
Assist in career planning decisions

WHO are involved in
Performance Appraisal
The Appraise
The Appraiser
HR Department

WHAT is involved in
Performance Management
Goal Setting
Coaching & Feedback
Observing & Documenting
Planning the Appraisal
Conducting the Appraisal
Attributes measured in
Performance Appraisal
Job knowledge
Planning & organizing ability
Team work
Decision making
Commitment & Dedication
Responsiveness to Change
Cost & Time Consciousness

Common Problems Associated
with Conducting the Appraisal
1 Halo/horn effect -Employee’s extreme competence in one area “shines” over all others. Conversely, employee does poorly in one area and this overshadows all areas.
2. Bias – own prejudices {race, national origin, gender, appearance, etc.} influence the appraisal
3. Comparison Rating – contrasting one employee with another
3. Central Tendency – rate everyone as average
4. Recency Effect – focusing on recent performance instead of entire year
5. Just Like Me being more favorable to people who are like you
7. Avoidance Rating – giving a positive evaluation on marginal performance to avoid confrontation and controversy with employee or to avoid hurt feelings
8. Favoritism – evaluating friends or those who don’t make waves, etc. more favorably than others
What is 360 DF?
360 Degree Feedback is a multi - rater feedback system where an individual is assessed by a number of assessors including his boss, direct reports, colleagues, internal customers and external customers

Why 360 degree feedback…
People often tell you what you would like to hear not what they really feel
This is more pronounced as you move higher up “The higher you go the lonelier it gets”
Time spent on giving feedback to individuals on their strengths and areas of improvements is minimum and nil in some cases
Feedback if any is restricted (Boss to Employee and one way)
A more objective feedback/true feelings/perceptions are very important
360 captures the chemistry one is generating at the work place.


360 DF is widely used for...
Leadership Development
Potential Development
Training Needs Identification
Team Building
Internal Customer Relations building
Developing Qualities like External Customer Orientation, Initiative, Quality Orientation, Creativity etc.
Recognition and rewards
Build New Organizational Culture

HR Velocity,