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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Protocol of the weekly meeting .

Protocol of the weekly meeting to be held at 4.00pm every Wednesday.

1) In weekly meeting head of department should be involved e.g. Dispatch, store, account, expiry. 
2) The meeting decorum should be maintain, please do not take standing meeting.
3) For meeting separate diary should be maintained.
4) The meeting should be started by taking review of last meeting points.
5) Depot manager should   decide what the point he has to discuss with his coleagues before meeting. 
6) He should discuss the changes happen in company policy and also company progress news if any, in meeting.
7) He should  appreciated good work done by his coleagues and should discussed on the area of work improvement and step to be taken also he should not be critise his colleagues  in meeting. 
8) Any important information from blog must be shared.

“Together we can achieve more”.

HR Department.

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