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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Events - Ganesh festival & games

"OM Ekadantaya Vidmahe
Vakkratundaya Dheemahi
Tanno Danti Prachodayat" 

Tradition and culture. is the integrity and spirit of our nation. We also contributed to this spirit by clebrating Ganesh festival in our Organization.
                                     POOJA BY MR SANJEEV PALOD
                                 POOJA BY MR NIKHIL PALOD                  

                                  POOJA BY MR AVNEESH WANI

Members of Palod group

Round of applause to all the member of Palod group for making the event successful.
Event was organized to celebrate the Ganesh festival and to rejuvenate the team members of respective depots. There healthy participation and energy level shows there enthusiasm towards there work and for there team members.

Games Played were:-
1)      Ganadhavre – Race between the team with loud shouting of Ganadhavre . The winner is Vishal Ghule of Lupin
2)      Decoration for Ganesh :- In a time limit of 2 Mins preparation of multi colour PAPER PATAKA. The winner team is Akshay ( Wock) , Ravinder More (Lupin) and Shrikant (Pidilite)

                   GAME :-  DECORATION OF GANESHA

3)       Ganesh Ji Pooja Articles collections- In this game teams suppose to colleact maximum articles from different shop in eleven Rs and in 4 Mins.The winner team is Ashafaq Shekh(Wock) , Kiran Bairage(Pidilite), Ravinder More(Lupin)
4)   Action as per the order- Individual has to perform signature move of the God Hanuman , Krishna and Ganesh  and the winner is Sagar Shinde.

                        GAME:-  ACTION AS PER THE ORDER
The festival and all the games has well organized by the team Avinash Wani ,Sourabh Haldar ,Ganesh Modak , V. Patil and  Ganesh Omble

Proud Moment of the festival end
Last day arti nad pooja done by respected Mr and Mrs Laxminarayan Palod parents of Mr Sanjeev Palod ,also they attended the last day finals of all above games.



Month’s achievement


Motto:-A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard

Depot Manger:- Mr Yogesh Gaikwad
Last month Adani depot successfully dispatched bout 640 tons of item to repetitive locations.
The team is 97% successful in dispatching the material on time and maintain the 24 hrs dispatched standard from dispatch area.
Big round of applause to Mr Yogesh and his team for achiving good remarks in  surprise audit by the auditior for mainting  documents upto date .which shows there contigency towards there dy to day task.
In new initiative  all the telephonic order booking will also be confirmed via email to remove any kind of discrepancies in future.

Motto:-“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Depot Manager
:- Mr Ganesh

When there is a will there is a way, is perfect proverb for the Pidilite team. Despite of  transportation problem like strike and festive period. the team successfully dispatched all the orders to the respective location.There hard work and proper planning for dispatch help in avoiding the bottle neck for the organization.

Congratulation to Mr Ganesh and his team FOR ACHIVING 98% KRA in this way we will be truly ultimate adhesive of pidilite


Motto:- Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into

Depot Manager:- Mr Ganesh
Depot is serving about 50% of the MH for Amway.Team is highly focused and continuously achieving 100% in internal KRA.
Team is self motivated and they had pulled there socks up for the catalog campaign which will be launched in this month .
Under the guidance of Mr Ganesh team has performed 100% in the past during the catalog campaign and we all hope the same systematic function for the present camping.

Motto:- Well Done is better than well said.
Depot Manager:- Mr Santosh Zinde
Mr Zende team believes in action. They have introduced hurdle meeting on daily bases.
It’s a new concept and other depot must consider this in there check list.
Hurdle meeting helps in defining individual task and  solution to different issues.
We wish them all the best and hope that they will keep the pace .
Lupin Ltd.
Heartiest Congratulation to Lupin team for achieving 87% in internal KRA and all dispatches completed on time.
Congratulation Wockhardt team achieving OTIF 97% for the month July. Best of luck as we are expecting  98% in coming month.

New Members in Palod group Family

New Members in Palod group Family
Welcome to them
We are happy to announce that Mr. Sourabh Haldar has joined our organization. as manager
We believe his qualification( B.E ,MBA) and experience  will create a competitive edge to the organization and help to pave out growth path for the organization.
Also Mr Abhijeet Kamble joined as a computer operator in Adroit depot.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Synergy - The Source of Team work

What is Synergy?
1)Synergy is the interaction of two or more individuals, so that there combined effect is greater than their individual effects

2)Trust is the key that open the doors for Synergy. .As we are aware, when trust between the people is lost, it becomes difficult to work together. When that happens, team members tend to hold each other at a distance, not readily sharing information, closely scrutinizing each other comments and generally avoiding honest and frank interaction. The essence of Synergy is to value differences-to respect them to build on strength and to compensate on weakness. This is very well demonstrated in new version of Hare & Tortoise story.

3) We have learned in our childhood the story of Hare & Tortoise. They decide to compete on the race to find who is faster. We know the story and the moral. But the new version is ,this time Hare & Tortoise realized that they achieve very little when they compete& so they decide to Synergies each other to see how much more they can achieve. Knowing that the tortoise is very slow, this tine the Hare carried the tortoise full distance and reached the river bank very fast. As the Hare cannot swim the tortoise took over and swam across with the hare on his back. On the opposite bank the hare again carried the tortoise and reached the milestone, which they dreamt. What the Hare & Tortoise together achieved could have never been achieved, if they are separate. This is the power of Scenery.

It is time to Synergize because this year 2011 is synergy year .In synergy 1+1 is not necessarily 2,it is 11(eleven) so 2011 is synergy year.

It is well said “Together we can …together we will be.”