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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On time / Always

On time / Always

The reputation of logistics firms depends on the timeliness in which consignments are delivered. Delayed delivery can result in great losses. To cope up with this, IT solutions for shipment visibility and on time deliveries are a must

Logistics industry is the backbone of all the industries. Logistics is and will remain an integral part of the economy. No industry can survive without the appropriate movement of goods from one place to the other. Be it textile,
grains, retail, pharmaceuticals, electronic goods - the list is endless.

So, 'timeliness' is an important aspect of logistics industry. Every product is time bound and needs to be reached at set destination on time. If by any chance, the goods are not able to reach on the agreed time, the company's reputation is bound to suffer in the market. The deal may not bear the desired fruits, if the task is not completed and delivered on time.

Here,IT plays a major role. Talking about this, SK Goel, VP (IT), Om Logistics Ltd said, "Better late than never is something that never applies to logistics industry; so, we have to be on our toes to provide timely delivery. Also, to maintain transparency between customer and organization, IT plays a prominent role at both inter and intra organizational levels. At intra level, we simplified routine time obstacles by installing real time vehicle tracking system fully scan POD's (Proof of Delivery) and deploying centralized security system. On other end, at inter organization level we have developed applications supportable on various platforms like Smart phones."

In most of the countries, companies are spending a huge amount to provide shipment visibility and timely deliveries but in India, most of the logistics
companies still need to provide this support. According to Akash Bansal, head logistics, Om Logistics Ltd, "Even till now, logistics sector is reluctant in investing in IT. They take IT as an expense rather than an investment. Besides, lack of regulatory compulsions and the unorganized and fragmented  nature of sector have lead to low penetration of IT in logistics industry. But may be in times to come, things will change and more and more companies will get tech savvy and provide better and timely services to the clients."

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