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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Women Day Celebrated At Velocity

(1.)World Women’s Day celebrated in velocity on 8th Mar 2011.

(A.) The event has started with the speech of Mr. Sanjeev Palod regarding the value of women in everybody’s life.
(B.)  Then the flower distribution to Ms. Ashwini, Ms. Swati, Ms. Yogita  by Mr. Sanjeev Palod has been followed.

The Life Of A Man

I was born. A Woman was there to hold me – My Mother.
I grew as a child. A Woman was there to care for me & play with me – My Sister.
I went to school. A Woman was there to help me learn – My Teacher.
I became depressed whenever I was lost. A Woman was there to offer a shoulder – My Girlfriend.
I needed company compatibility & love. A great Woman was there for me – My Wife.
I became tough.  A Woman there to melt me – My Daughter.
When I die. A Woman is there to absorb me in – My Motherland.

The education & development of Woman is very much necessary nowadays because it will lead to the enhancement & progress of the entire society.

 (2.) Training to Pharma store team on the subject inward goods procedure, picklist-Invoice-Repacking of it conducted by Mr. Pramod Sutar, Mr. Rahul, Mr. Anil Pardesi, Mr. Deepak Mahajan & Mr. Krishna Helkar . It was very interactive & fruitful session & entire team came out with the solution for there own problem for with actual demo for what to do & what not to do. At the end of training Mr. Avinash Wani has given them in short SOP understanding on above two subject.

A Good Leader Is Humble, Fair, Honest & Open

Good business leader create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision relentlessly drive it to completion. Others would cite traits such as decisiveness, integrity, ability to motivate communicate with larger groups of people and inspire them.

Not only that, a good leader stands up and faces the music when things go bad, and in such situations, he stands up & protect his team mates. In the process, he gains their respect and unflinching support. A magnanimous leader gives credit where it is due & this brings his team closure. Opponent of this theory would often say humility leads to a dilution of stature “People will take advantage of you if you are humble”.

When leaders get into positions of strength, tend to think of themselves as God, and begin to believe that irrespective of what they do, are above the law and can do no wrong & this brings downfall. Leaders with humility do not get stuck on a stance. They deal with everyone fairly, consistently & justly.

When opponents are treated unfairly and honestly, it impacts their happiness, loyalty & performance. Is it a surprise then, that such leaders have been found to be leading teams happier and more productive employees. As it is commonly presumed, leadership is not only about vision, strategy, communication & motivation alone. It’s a lot about being fair, noble, humble, open & magnanimous.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Review Of The Week ( 28th Feb 2010 To 5th Mar 2010)

(1.) The month end process has been completed successfully in all depots in Velocity. Lupin, Wockhardt, Pidilite, Amway has completed there dispatches on 28th itself.

(2.) The second session of the seminar has been given by our business mentor Mr. Sachet Mehta on 5th Mar 2010. The details discussed in the seminar are as follows -

      (a) Discussed regarding our core values "Satisfaction Of Customers Above All Else" & our activities done on this.

      (b) He suggested us if we want to be leader we have to be like eagle. He also suggested 7 principles of eagle in which they lives & motivated us to be the same. The 7 principles are as follows -
            (i) Eagles fly with eagles.
            (ii) Have a vision & remain focussed, no matter what the obstacles we will succeed.
            (iii) Steer clear of outdated & old information, do your research well always.
            (iv) Acheivers relish challanges & use them profitably.
            (v) Test before we trust.
            (vi) People who love us do not let us languish in sloth, but pushes hard to grow & proper in the seemingly bad actions they have good intentions for it.
            (vii) We occationally need to shed off old habits & items that burdens us & add no value to our life.

        (c) He also shown us the movie of chicken & eagle in which the lesson was to learn always & try to be in a surroundings of good & talented people.

        (d) He had shown us the matrix for effort, effect & quantity, quality and find out in which matrix we are fit into.

        (e) He also guided us to be a leader rather than being only innovators, apprentice & producers.

(3.) Thanks to Mr. Sachet Mehta for spending valuable time with us & showing us the bright path for success.

(4.) We also like to thank all our Velocity staffs for providing support & making the seminar a successful one.

(5.) We are proud to inform you that Mr. Sanjay Dattatray Nagul has been appointed as senior accounted. He has a vast experience of accounting in various sector with handling of people under his supervision with his dynamic knowledge & abilities. We welcome him on behalf of Velocity family.

(6.) We are glad to inform everybody that Mr. Avinash Wani was awarded the award of awards(Velocity Award) for the year 1st Apr 2010 to 31st Mar 2011.

(7.) Mr. Sanjeev Palod has praised his dedication towards the organization, also for accepting the new challanges. Moreover his dynamism towards accepting the changes. On behalf of Velocity pariwar we complement him.

(8.) As decided in the last week, from this month onwards every depot managers has started the huddle meeting on a fixed time. In the meeting they discuss the following points-

     (a) What was your last days's completed job.
     (b) What is todays main job.
     (c) What is your bottleneck for doing so.

   It has created the great coordination among the team members.