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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Good Leader Is Humble, Fair, Honest & Open

Good business leader create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision relentlessly drive it to completion. Others would cite traits such as decisiveness, integrity, ability to motivate communicate with larger groups of people and inspire them.

Not only that, a good leader stands up and faces the music when things go bad, and in such situations, he stands up & protect his team mates. In the process, he gains their respect and unflinching support. A magnanimous leader gives credit where it is due & this brings his team closure. Opponent of this theory would often say humility leads to a dilution of stature “People will take advantage of you if you are humble”.

When leaders get into positions of strength, tend to think of themselves as God, and begin to believe that irrespective of what they do, are above the law and can do no wrong & this brings downfall. Leaders with humility do not get stuck on a stance. They deal with everyone fairly, consistently & justly.

When opponents are treated unfairly and honestly, it impacts their happiness, loyalty & performance. Is it a surprise then, that such leaders have been found to be leading teams happier and more productive employees. As it is commonly presumed, leadership is not only about vision, strategy, communication & motivation alone. It’s a lot about being fair, noble, humble, open & magnanimous.

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