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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Training session, T-shirt distribution & Deep mahotsav in Velocity

22nd November 2011 Saturday the day started with the training session to velocity staff by Sachet Mehta.
Mr. Sachet Mehta had focused the training session on the CORE VALUES of velocity logistics those are performance based opportunity, customer service above all else, respect every individual.
After the explanation on core values of mr.sachet Mehta mr.nikhil palod had announced the nominees for Performance based opportunity & customer service above else.
Mr.sachetji also told us the importance of gratitude also he had kept small activities by passing a thread  saying thanks to the person who you want to say thank to for anything he has done for you Also balloons activities where it showed us the importance that where we all can be winners still we do not do it , he also kept activities like Growth plan Depot manager & his two people so that both can grow.
The session ended over with Mr.sanjeev palod distributing the T-shirts to everyone.
T-shirt Distribution:
The Motive behind giving the t-shirts in velocity logistics is every person at one level & no difference between labor, manager as well as owner.
T-shirts in velocity will be worn by everyone & everyday.
Deep Mahotsav & Sweet distribution:
The activity had started from 6 30 pm in velocity logistics in presence of Mrs.sharda palod & Mr.sachet Mehta by doing Pooja of a Mandir in Cabin.
Later, we had kept the Diva’s (candle) in diva’s shape & everyone picked the diva in same shape & stood up in that shape which looked very beautiful & it totally brought in the feeling of a real DIWALI shown the Pictures Below.
Price distribution:
Performance based opportunity award was given to Ashfak Shaikh with the star on his ID card.
Customer service above all else was given to PIDILITE depot for his incredible performance.
The dandiya event had a great participation of all the employees & they enjoyed to the fullest.
Dinner was specially been made by Mrs.sharda palod with maharaj. We thank them for special involvement.
Employees Involvement:
In this event we would specially like to thank Vishwanath Patil , Saurabh haldar , Abhijit Kamble , Chetan patil ,kakade, Ashwini & all other staff For the making the event successful.

Participation of All employees In preparation

Deep Mahotsav @ velocity

Customer above all else Winner PIDILITE

T-Shirts of All distributed

Sweets Distribution.
Perfomance based opportunity winner Ashfak shaikh
Pooja By Palod Family & Sachetji
By passing thread activity to say thanks
Balloons activity
Mr.Sachetji & Mr.Sanjeev Palodji at Training session
T-shirts distribution by Mr. Sachetji with Mr.Sanjeev Palodji

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Depot Activities

Wockhartd Ltd.
Depot Manager - Mr.Vishavnath Patil
Wockhrtd has done a good sale under pressure.Inspite of last day heavy invoice i.e.upto 700 invoices dispatches has been completed on 3rd Nov. Inspite of Dasara & Diwali holiday team has worked hard & completed the target in given time.DSO has been maintained @ 27 days.Mr. Ashfak has won the star & gift for his good work & performance.
Congratulation to the wockhardt team ...........
Mr.Pravin Patil has joined as a Operator.All the best for him.

Depot Manager - Mr. Pravin Raipure
Dispatch done successfully on 3rd Nov.
Mr.Pravin Raipure has joined as a Manager in MSCDA. All the best for him. 


Motto:-A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard

Depot Manger:- Mr Yogesh Gaikwad
Congratulation to Adani team for achieving 4 marks out of 5 in overall satisfaction level, which was a survey done by Adani officials. The team has taken target of achieving 100% marks in above survey in future. All the very best for future.



Motto:-“Together we can achieve more”

Depot Manager:- Mr Ganesh Modak

Team has achieved a healthy  sales mark  .Despite of heavy load in bucket days we are successful in achieving 100% dispatch, which was possible because of proper planning and team work.
Our depot was visited by Mr RoopKumar ,Mr Bharat Nayak & Mr Dilip Pujari and they have shown trust in our depot for the implementation of new project i.e FRD system for all the customer 

Congratulation to Mr Ganesh and his team FOR ACHIEVING 97% KRA. We hope and we will do better in next month


Motto:- Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff" to turn our dreams into reality.”

Depot Manager:- Mr Ganesh Omble
Congratulation to Amway team for successful completion of Catalogue launch, they did this in past and they did it again which shows their believe on consistency in their work,
The depot is known for its systematic working culture which they develop by generating innovative ideas. Hence they have organized all the loose SKUs to make the pick n pack more organized and less time consuming.
 Big round of applause to Mr Ganesh for arranging a training session on pick n pack for the staff to develop new ideas and to maintain a healthy working condition in the depot.
Best of luck for the upcoming Audit we all hope that the depot get good remark from the auditor.

From the desk of Chairman

                       How to tell your boss he is wrong without offending him.

“No sir I don’t agree” is the sentence we generally avoid during our meeting with senior person.
But if you present the right case with right attitude your boss will value you as trusted guide.
Following are the points which can help you in developing the right & positive approach
1)      Be careful :- You should prioritized your matter to be discussed  with your boss even if one to one meeting is not possible. You should have your own ideas for the task, never follow what other says or do on that task. Never try to dominate the conversation you should suggest, not order.

2)      Be sure of yourself:- Honesty and fearless is the right attitude to present yourself in front of boss. You should be certain about your judgment just double check it after being sure present the matter in front of boss which may also condemn your boss thought about the task.

3)      Empathize with Boss:- Always remember every one makes mistake even those incharge. Not focus on the boss shortcoming but focus and explain on the effect the mistake will done on the business.

4)      Start on positive note:- Your tone should be positive , make your boss believe that the criticism is not destructive its constructive

5)      Keep an Open Mind:- Be innovative and flexible in your thoughts .Never approach your boss with “Iam right you are wrong attitude”, this will lead to unproductive conversation. This will help in sharing a healthy relationship among each other.

Trudge with care –avoid getting aggressive

Sunday, October 16, 2011

MY BOSS................ MY FRIEND..............

  • 16 OCTOBER of every year has been celebrated as National Boss day. 
  • In the new modern age equation between bosses & employee has been changed.
  • In old days the Boss means the person is absolutly inaccessible he is dictator & made sure his word is last word.
  •  Today Boss has became a good buddy, who spend time with colleagues listen to their views patiently.He is guide & friend.
  • Modern days Bosses are open minded, they give & share the credit of Success to all the team & take the failure on their own head.
  • The modern days bosses say " My team do not work under me they work with me.We work together for better results."
Today is Boss day lets Celebrate is & tell our bosses how much we have learned from them.



HAPPY BOSS DAY...............

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Attention: In South India The drug Licenses suspended of Retail Chemists.

Lupin, Wockhardt /MSCDA/Adroit depots please read it carefully.

During the inspection done by Drug inspector of Retail Chemists variance  in batch numbers found , while drug inspector asked to submit the invoice copy / purchase bill number of the same the retailer is unable to produce the same as he himself has received different batches that the batches mentioned in invoice.This is a big offense as per FOOD & DRUG Preventive Act.Resulting the retailers Licenses has been suspended .
           We here by request you to kindly check each & every batch number meticulously before supplying the material & supply correct batch numbers to every stockists.
Hope you all understand the importance of above article & will take care while dispatching the material. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear All
We like to update some points regarding Pharma Divisions....  

1. Lupin Ltd. 
  • Total sale done : 7 cr. 40 lacs
  • Dispatches completed on :01.10.2011
  • KRA % : 85%
  • Grade Achieved : A 
Congratulations to all Lupin Team ...............................

2. Wockhardt Ltd.
  • Total Sale done : 13 Cr. 94 lacs
  • Dispatches Completed on :03.10.2011 owing to Sunday on 02.10.2011.
  • DSO maintained at 28 days.
  • In spite of heavy sales & work pressure including Unloading - dispatches were completed within the dead line given to team.
Congratulations to all Wockhardt Team............................

3. MSCDA :
  • Mscda Has successfully completed closing on 30.09.2011
  • Dispatches were completed by 01.10.2011.

E-Mail Received from Our C.A. Mr. Pankaj Mandhane.....

Dear All

It is my Pleasure to share this e-mail received from our C.A. Mr. Pankaj Mandhane,below mail is in reference to training session taken on 08.10.2011 from Life School.This mail is self explanatory.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: pankaj mandhane <pankajmandhane@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Velocity Logistics] 10/10/2011 06:13:00 AM
To: Sanjeev Palod <palodsanjeev@gmail.com>
Cc: Mayur <mayur@camandhane.com>, Punit Baheti <punit@camandhane.com>

Thanking you for your presence. And very good summery of the 

program. All credit goes to Lifeschool, Punit and Mayur. Coz Punit and 

Mayur only did all the efforts to call our clients.
Sorry i could not attend the program as i am out of India.
All the best for implementations of learnings during the program and 

may you and your orgnisation keep on growing due to that.

CA Pankaj R Mandhane

8A, 517, Dnyanda, Near Dnyan Probodhini,  
Sadashiv Peth, Pune, India - 411 030

+91 20 24433130, 24497554

Monday, October 10, 2011

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY....................

Velocity Logistics
Dear All
As you know that this year we are celebrating as Educational Year in velocity,
In lieu of this we have already taken different activities & training programs at our organization
Once again on 22nd Oct.2011 we have arranged training program of Mr. Sachet Mehta & program of Dandiya, The schedule of programs are as follows:
·       Motivations lecture by sachet Mehta ji on 22.10.2011 at 10.30 a.m. on core value “Every Individual must be respected.”
·       T-shirt Distribution ceremony from valuable hands of Mr. Sachet Mehta ji.
·       Prize distribution & motivation for activities taken as customer delight & performance based opportunity.
·       Dandiya followed by Brunch.
This is a Diwali Festival & all staff must attend these programs.

Velocity Logistics
As you all know that a training session has been arranged by Velocity for all depot managers for development & progress of not only organization but also personal.
The training session was conducted by well known business advisor & founder of Life School Mr. Narendra Goidhane ,It is our pleasure to attend this seminar
First of all a warm welcome done by all the life scholars’ to those who has came to attend the session, welcome was done by a very nice tune ‘Namaste Namaste Happy morning Happy morning’.
Session starts with a video clip of an athlete who has completed the race even after having crams in his legs & his father helps him to complete the same. This shows the commitments towards the goal & work.
After this Mr. Santosh has given a welcome speech & taken a refreshing activity by way of leading all the members to sing “Namaste Namaste Happy Morning  Happy Morning”, also two line of song ‘Ham honge Kamyab’ Has been sing by all of us, the motto is to increase the confidence.
One play & dance program followed by Mr. Santosh speech the play is regarding the hard work & it teaches us that we should always work by keeping our mind open & should always ready to change, if we want  progress then we should see the thing around our organization & should think what new can be done & how can we save our time by doing new experiments in our routine work. We should approach to our boss & should say ‘Yes I Want to develop please advise me.’
After this owners of different business has been given their speeches peoples like Mr.Tahir Bhai, Mr. Vijay Rathi ,Mr. Kalyani, Mr. Shakti ji Owner of Shakti Sports, Mrs. Rucha Owner of Emphasis placements, owner Naivyadam Restaurant has given their speeches to thank their employees as it is employees because of them these peoples are running the successful business-said all these big peoples.
At the end Mr. Naren ji stood up for his speech he has given speech for 20 min.
1. He has briefed regarding his career & explained how he has developed himself by observing & experimenting new things,
2. He has explained there is no short cut for success rather than hard work.
3. He has also told us that always be ready for change, you prove yourself & you will defiantly get promoted in your job.
4. He has also updated that there are two ways to out come from the problem a) Easy Way & b)Right way ,always choose the right way for success.
5. At the end he said that ‘You all are here because your boss wants you to develop yourself.’
The training is matching our core values:
1. Performance based opportunity.
2. Every individual must be respected.
3. Hard work & integrity.
It was a great learning & life time opportunity to listen Mr. Narendra Goidhane
We express our sincerely thanks to our C.A. Mr.Pankaj Mandhane who has arranged this seminar.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Velocity Logistics Pune      Date:07.10.2011
This is pleasure to inform you that a BUSINSS SESSION has been arranged for all the depot manager on Saturday-08.10.2011 at 08.00A.M to 11.00A.M.
This session will be taken by well known business advisor & founder of LIFE SCHOOL, Mr. Narendra Goidani who is conducting inspirational training programs from last 12 years, 90000+ peoples around the world are taking advantage of his training programs by way of mails sent by LIFE SCHOOL. This is a golden opportunity to all of us to attend his training program live at Pune.
We thank Mr. Sanjeev Palod for giving us this opportunity. The venue of this session is as follows:
Ganesh Kala Krida Munch
Behind Natraj Hotel
Swargate Pune.
Time: 8.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M
Persons to attend this training session:
Mr. Sachin Naik
Mr. Vishwanath Patil
Mr. Saurabh Haldar
Mr. Tanaji Kakade
Mrs. Ashwini Salunkhe
Mr. Ganesh Modak
Mr. Ganesh Ombale
Mr. Santosh Zende
Mr. Chetan Patil
Mr. Nasir Shaikh
You all are requested to report at 8.00 a.m. on above address.
Velocity Logistics
Palod Group…..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Training Session For ISO-9001:2008

As we all know that we are approaching to new goal to become a ISO 9001-2008 certified company . To achieve this goal we all have to work as a team . It will be a great achievement for all of us.
To achieve this goal we have to make a proper study of this system, for this purpose we have arranged a training session of 3 Hrs on Saturday sharp at 8.00am to 11.00am.
The training session will be addressed by Mr Agrawal and must attend by all the members of following core team including Mr Sanjeev Palod and Mr Nikhil Palod

  • Mr Vishwanath Patil
  • Mr Sourabh Haldar
  • Mr Vishal Modak
  • Mrs Ashwini Shalokhe
  • Mr Vikas Nimbolkar
  • Mr Nasir Sheikh

"If we can dream it we can do it"