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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review Of The Week (25 - 30)

(1.) At first I wish everybody Happy & prosperous Diwali & New Year.
(2.) Good work done by Lupin Ltd. They have invoiced & dispatched the goods before 31st only. Congratulations to Mr. Chetan & his team for efficiency shown.
(3.) Also Congratulate Mr. Yogesh & his team of Adani for completing there dispatches within the month & proactively ready for the audit on 1st Nov.
(4.) Our depot will remain closed on friday(for Laxmi Pujan) & saturday(for Deepawali)
(5.) We would like to inform you that this year too on the auspicious ocasion of 'Diwali' we are celebrating "Deep Mohatsav" on 2nd Nov 2010, Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. in Velocity taking this opportunity to wish you Happy Diwali.
(6.) After "Deep Mahotsav" program it will be followed by brunch. All members will bring there homemade sweets.
(7.) Mr. Mohan(Cook Of Velocity) will prepare Pav Bhaji under the supervision of Mrs. Shrada Palod.
(8.) Mr. Anil Pardesi had engagement on 24th Oct.10. Congratulations to boyh of them from Palod family.

Once again wishing all of you Happy Diwali.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review of the week 18 - 23OCT

(1.) In this week we put the core value on our blog. This core values are nothing but our culture or practices we follow & the same we will follow next years to come.(2.) We have started putting the articles & any knowledgeable information by our staff.(3.) Mr. Viswanath patil(Depot Incharge) Wockhardt has put the article "SPEED THE KEY TO GROW & STAY AHEAD IN BUSINESS" . Our campus named Velocity which means speed at which  business, change & transaction  happen.(4.)Mr. Avinash Wani (G.M.) visited to the Goa distributor,all the distributor in Goa are happy of our services which is inline of our core  values 'customer service above all else.'(5.) from last 4 months we have introduced new operational tools i.e 1 page strategic plan for leaders which keeps focus of achieving the short term & long term goal with time bounding works.(6.) Mr. Rakesh from e-gurukul visited our premises also spent a full day to sharpen the knowledge base of each and every leaders. We thank him very much for his valuable guidance.(7.)Diwali is approaching very fast, we have issued cleanliness, hygiene program  in the premises. Mr. Rahul Bansode is supervising all the activities.(8.) We wish a very Happy Birthday To " Mr. Anil Pardeshi" who is depot incharge.. Together we are...Together we will... Sanjeev Palod

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We at Velocity have taken the first step towards becoming a visionary organization by effectively implementing the core values within the company.

 We are proud to share our core values -
(1.) Service To The Customers Above All Else.
(2.) Performance Based Opportunity.
(3.) Every Individual Must Be Respected.
(4.) Hardworking & Integrity.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Speed the key to grow and stay ahead in business


Read on 21.10.2010 A very interesting & useful article in TOI under above headline which is self explanatory 
The article is about the presentation done at KPIT Info systems-Hinjewadi by Mr. Edwin Boswell president and chief executive officer of US based consultancy firm “ Forum Corporation”
Mr. Bosswell insists that great business strategies fail due to lack of speedy execution as the people who implement the strategies are not adequately tuned in to the larger objectives of the organisation.
The important points in this articles are as follows:
·         Strategic speed: speed is required for successful organization but it’s difficult to achieve only implementing strategies are not important but implementing them well is important.
·         Speed Challenge: There is no CEO who is happy about the pace of change in hid organisation, the days of making 3-5 years plans are gone .Therefore there has to be a plan B if plan A slips.
·         Faster & Slower firms: Three factors which decides whether the company is faster or slower,1.Clearity: Clear understanding & directions accordingly.2.Unity:People should agree that they need to work together to move ahead.3.Agility:People should be willing to turn & adapt quickly while keeping the strategic goals in mind.
·         Leadership Practices to boost people factors: A good leader should motivate, encourage peoples for getting performance from them. 

Above all will really help us to grow speedily let us follow these steps & one day we will be on top.


Vishwanath Patil

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Events Celebration & Vaccination Program At Velocity

Navratri & Dandiya Celebration At Velocity On 15/10/10
We Really Want To Thank All The Staff For Grand Celebration Of Navratri & Dandiya.
                                        PUJAN OF DEVI BY MR. & MRS. PALOD

First Time At Velocity Celebration Has Been Done Along With The Involvement Of The Staff Families.

The Presence Of  Madam Vandana & Mrs.Nikita Palod, Mr. Avinash , Mr. Chetan, Mrs. Swarupa Families Involvement Made The Function More Enjoyable.

                                         DANDIYA CELEBRATION OF STAFF

Distribution Of Eye Drops To All Staff For Conjunctivitis
Preventive Care Programme has been arranged within the Premises To All Staff For Conjunctitivis & Swine Flu.
                              EYE DROP DISTRIBUITION BY MR. PALOD TO STAFF

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescheduled Of Date Of Dandiya Event

The Date Has Been Revised For Dandiya Programme, Instead Of 14th Oct 10 The Programme Has Been Scheduled On 15th Oct 10 at 6:00 P.M..
Attractive Prizes For Best Dancing Player & Best Dress UP For Dandiya. 

Be Present With Your Family To Make The Event Successful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Highlights Of Last Week And Last Month At Velocity

(1). Visit Of Mr. Sanket Parekh ( Director Of PIDILITE IND. LTD.)

(2). Month End Process Done Smoothly Without Hassle. Congratulations To All Depot.

(3) Amway Has Completed 3,000 Invoices Within 5 Days. Kindly Congratulate Kaushik,Ganesh And His Team.

(4). Mr. Narendra Goidani From Life School Visited Our Premises.

(5.) Rescheduling Of Lunch Time In Canteen For Smooth Operation -
      (a). Wockhardt - 01:00 P.M. To 01:25 P.M.
      (b). Other Depots - 01:30 To 02:00 P.M.

(6). Please Prepare the Strategic  Plan For Next Week.

(7). Wockhardt has done good job. They have jumped to 60 marks from 40 marks in KRA scoring. Let us congratulate them from bottom of our heart and there planning for A position. We wish them All The Best
    Plz congratulate Avinash,Vishwanath & there team.

(8). Lupin DSO from April to Sept. 21 days avg. and collection avg. 154% whereas company's expectency of 25 days. Kindly congratualte there team for enormous effort to acheive the goal.

(9). Dandiya programme will be held on 14th Oct.10(Thrusday). Plz be present for making the event successful.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome To Velocity Logistics Blog

(1). I am very delighted to inform you that we have launched Velocity Logistics blog.
(2). The purpose of this blog is to inform the activities which is happening in the Velocity campus, not only activities but also the information of the common interest sharing birthdays, marriage anniversary information or any other achievement of our staff and family members etc.
(3). This blog is a latest concept through which we can share the useful information of us also we can see the hyper action which is happening at Velocity Logistics on day to day basis.

Moreover if you need something which you want to share among all of us you can display the same in the blog. It will be  great platform to show your talents & valuable thoughts. Plz give your write up to Mr. Kaushik.
I am very glad to write you that Kaushik Mitra has working very enthusiastically & dedicatedly on the blog.

Let us congratulate him for making the blog as reality...........

Ganesh Puja Held At Velocity Logistics