Wockhardt , Lupin

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Decoration Day

Velocity has arranged a Depot  decoration Day dated  17.12.2015. The response from the velocity employee was quite appreciable , all the depots were decorated beautifully and was neck to neck  competition between depots. Velocity heartily  appreciate the participation of all the employee.
The runner up depot of the decoration day was ( Lupin & Nutricia Depot) Team And the winner was Cabin Team we congratulate (Lupin,Nutricia Depot) & cabin Team for their innovative decoration in depot.

Thanks For,
Velocity Supply chain Pvt. Ltd.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Monthly News Letter

v Achievement in depot’s velocity for month/ Visitors  in Company.
1.Nutricia Mr.Shaileh soni has visited the warehouse and appreciated the changes in the warehouse few changes informed whichf will be completed .
2.Nutricia & Wockhardt new record process implemented , Shortly planning to implement in other depot .
3. Mr.Pravin Jadhav has visited the wockhardt depot and has appreciated also suggested changes.
4. OPR report is in process in wockhardt & Panacea.
5. Lupin team has changed their record area and brought good changes .
6. Lupin depot has also joined hands to bring the breakage expiry online .
7.Welcome & thank you boards displayed , volleyball ground ready with the net.
v Star of The Month.
         1.     Jayshree Bonde (Lupin)
v Birthday Celebration Last Month of Oct:-
Ashfak Shaikh
Pradeep Ramdas Bhise
Deepak Vasudev Mahajan
Akshay Bhikanrao Phadtare
Kiran Shilwant
Sangita KamlakarMeshram
Ashutosh Ramesh Kolte

v Upcoming Birthday Month of Nov:-
Vikas Vasantrao Nimbolkar
Vitthal Annappa Sargar
Balaji Kalidas Lagade
Sagar Jotiram Pawar
Sharad Balu Sakat

v New Joining Employee.
           1.      Pranay Kamble (Pidilite) 2. Digambar Pawar (Pidilite) 3. Rajendra Pawar (Pidilite)
           2.      Umesh Kshirsagar (Cabin)

Thanks For,

Velocity Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.