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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week Activity

As part of enhance the knowledge of the team , at velocity we have conducted workshop on Effective COMMUNICATION skill on 07.07.2011. at 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm The work shop was conducted by Mr. Avinash Wani & Mr. Ashfak Shaikh.
The work shop start from traditional communication system to today’s high on spot communication & easily available equipments for so called life line of any business “LIVE COMMUNICATION”.

What is Communication?


After this actual phone calls came to participant related work & how they are attending it upto what extended they are correct & where they are how to answered explain them.

The highlight of workshop & points cover as under.
1)Hearing v/s Listening … Hearing – Physical process, natural, passive

Listening – Physical as well
as mental process, active,
learned process, a skill hard.
You must choose to participate in the process of listening.

 Good listening reflects courtesy and good manners.
 Good listening can eliminate a number of imaginary grievances of employees.
 Listening is a positive activity rather than a passive or negative activity.

In it taken do’s * Don’s
 Always think ahead about what you are going to say.
 Use simple words and phrases that are understood by every body.
 Increase your knowledge on all subjects you are required to speak.

4) How to Improve Existing Level of  COMMUNICATION?

      ¬ READ MORE
      ¬  LISTEN MORE
5) Importance of  status  knowing of  caller .

6) Barriers to communication
• Language differences. : Immediately convert the caller into your conformtable language.
• Poor listening skills.
• Assumptions/Misconceptions

Along with the above on Interview between one customer & call center executive  has conducted between Mr. Ganesh Omble ( Customer )  Mr. Ahfak Shaikh ( Call center executive )  This  live activity given lot  of understanding to them for better  & perfect communication activity.

In the end all depot Manager & senior staff  has shared their  views for good communication.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Desk of Sanjeev Palod.

From  Desk of Sanjeev  Palod.

In this we are starting with the closing of last financial year review (2010-2011) and goals for new financial year (2011-12)
From 1st of April 2011 the new financial year started.
                  The last financial year the following depots have achieved their goals:

1)      Pidilite depot: Mr Ganesh Modak create history where stood first in all over India He  achieved 100% K.R.A.
2)      The Amway Depot is  also doing well & doing upto the mark. Congrats to Mr. Ganesh Obale & his team.
3)      Adani Depot under the leadership of Mr Yogesh Gaikwad is doing good job.
4)      As per company’s logistic executive it is the best depot of west division.
      As usual  Lupin Depot is also doing a fantastic job under the leadership of Mr Chetan Patil & his team.
     Also the Wockhardt has bounce back and doing amazing work under the able leadership of Vishwajeet Patil.  I am confident that this year they will be eligible for A+ grade.
     This year Mr Avinash Wani has set the goal sale-collection-credit note-K.R.A. for forth year 2011-2012. He is meticulously calculating the progress on monthly basis.
   All the best to Avinash & his team!!!
    Secondly, in the last year  we have started a lot of H. R. activities like training session by  the experts, quality lunch at concession rate, starting grduity for our people. Also providing for a staff etc. etc.
   Also a lot of hyper activity has been done in last year like celebration of environment day celebration, women’s day celebration, sports day, deep mahotsav, dahi handi, ganesh mahotsav, Navratri ( dandiya) ustav etc. etc.
    We have grown in last year the fact is everybody want to grow. I believe that we should use the word carefully which will bring the growth.
What   we speak is what we think and what we do is what we think our 
thinking is influenced by our action..
If state of mind has to be positive then we should speak such words that support our positive state of mind.

Words to remove:

-                                  No
-                                  Maybe
-                                 Try
-                                  Next time
-                                  Problem
-                                 Tension
-                                 Can’t
-                                  Next time
-                                  Have to
-                                   Problems

Words to encounter:

1.       ‘Yes’ can be said even by saying ‘No’ to anything, think what is it that you are saying ‘Yes’ to . When we say ‘Yes’ to something then it sets us free from the blame game as we take the responsibility for that ‘Yes’.
2.       ‘Maybe’ should be replaced by ‘Surety’ In real world ‘Maybe’ means ‘Never’. Does live on one word and that is surety. ‘Maybe’ is used because the person is not sure.
3.       Try should be replaced with ‘I will do it’ Using the word ‘try’ prepares an escape route for the person using it. He can always say that he tried doing something but could not. Instead use the word ‘I will do it’ This way you commit yourself to do the job.

1.       ‘Hopeful’ should be replace with ‘sure’
2.       ‘Next time’ should be replaced with ‘Now’.
3.       ‘Have to ‘should be replaced with ‘ I want to’ When one says ‘I want to’ he takes control of whatever he is doing. He takes ownership of his actions. In one course of time the team of every entrepreneur should speak the language of ‘ I want to’
4.       ‘Problems’ should be replaced with ‘Challenges’ The difference between a challenge and a problem is that in challenge we find solutions while problems stop us from finding solutions to all our challenges Every individual has only challenges and not problems. We all have capabilities to bring out solutions to all our challenges and when we stop looking for solutions it becomes a problem.
5.       Tension just means that a person does not want anything solved. They will never grow in the life.
6.       ‘Can’t’ should be replaced with ‘there is possibility’ or asking a question ‘ is there a possibility?’

               So the moral of the story is use your words carefully and remove the above words. Chose the words carefully, which will bring the growth to each & every individual.

All the best!