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Monday, December 19, 2011

Build your Reputation

Reputation is nothing but “The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something”.

In life your reputation is the most valuable thing you own.             

1.     Reputation is the output of your performance, behavior, knowledge.

2.     For building of reputation you have to work hard with honesty you have to give your best even if you face failure in your life.

3.     You have to think beyond the limitation.

4.     Reputation is built by, what your approach towards life, work, and people is.

5.     Your positive approach makes your reputation strong and clean.

“You have to spend long time for building of good reputation but very less time to break or loss that reputation”. 

Best of Luck

Example – Mr.Steve Jobs 

An Apple companies ‘X’ CEO "Mr. Steve Jobs"was suffering through cancer, who just passed away. The way he has provided the services in his product such as 'I Phone', 'I Pad' is just tremendously simple but useful to the common people which has made common peoples life easy and he is been able to build that reputation in common man. Today people remember him for his great achievements.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Depot Activitise

Adani :-

Motto:-A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
 Depot Manage:- Yogesh Gaikwad

3 cheers to Adani depot team as they received good remark from Adani Logistics department for 99% dispatch.Adani depot celebrate anniversary of Adani Wilmar Ltd. the company successfully completed 12 years in this business. 
 Congratulation to adani team.

Pidilite :-
Depot Manager :- Mr.Ganesh Modak
Motto:-“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Welcome to Mr.Anand Gaikwad ,he is joined as computer operator ,he is passionate and quick learner ,hope his ability to perform will provide as competitive edge to the organization for better service.

Lupin :-
Manager :- Mr.Nassir Shaikh
  • Above 30 days outstanding is zero.
  • At the month end to reduce calls we had sent SMS of NA to RSM's & party wise booking to ASM's,RSM's,SM's which help us to reduce the months end calls.
  • We have also shifted the dispatching zone in middle of the warehouse to reduce the time & also brought in tables for invoices packing.
  • We have packed all goods billed upto 30th Nov.itself.
  • As we have started writing credit note in RGA book for expiry material
 Congratulation to Lupin team.

Wockhardt :-
Depot Manager :- Mr Vishwanath Patil

  • DSO maintain at 26 days.
  • Had crossed last month sale
  • Inspite of pressure of Institutional Supplies dispatches were cleared by 4th Nov.
  • Q.G dispatches also completed by 7th Nov.
  • Mr.Himesh Pandya has joined as accoutant to Ashfak & he will also looking after Adroit Biomed Ltd. All the best to him.
Congratulation to Wockhardt team

Depot manager  :- Mr. Pravin Raipure

  • MSCDA has done good sale in Nov. Month
  • Dispatch were completed by 3rd Nov.
  • Congratulation to MSCDA team

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Session of Systematic Investment Planning by Mr.Krishna Pandhare

Financial expert Mr.Krishna Pandhre has given lots of information about the investment plan.
  1. He spoke about the important's and benefits of Systematic Investment Planning in our life,how do we secure our future with better outputs.
  2. He also guided,if you want your future to be secure then you have to invest your money in long term plan.
  3. They said that,if you want to meet your financial goals then you must have healthy investment plan i.e. Systematic Investment Planning in Mutual Fund .
  4. He spoke about difference between insurance plan and mutual fund investment i.e. you have to pay extra charges for insurance but there are no any charges for mutual fund investment plan. 
Advantages of Mutual Funds -
  • Professional Management
  • Diversification
  • Convenient Administration
  • Return potential
  • Low cost
  • Liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Choice of schemes
  • Well regulated
  • Tax benefits
At last he also suggest that ,"you should be aware about the mutual fund investment & share market for future security.
The SIP installment will be deducted from employees salary in every month.This is corporate SIP is done for the long term benefits.Employees are requested to take the benefits

The interested person, please registered your name.

Mr.Abhijeet Kamble
Head H.R Department

Mr. Krishna Pandre at SIP session
Employees involvement in SIP session
Mr.Krishna Pandhre and employees at SIP session

Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Desk of the Chairman ''Testing of Skill Abilities ''

These all below skill abilities are very important ,if you want success in your life .
  1. Character- Our character should be clean as a human, for that you should be thinking always positive.
  2. Honesty - Honesty is one of our important character,if you have honesty in your work,behavior then you get positive output from others,get respect from others.
  3. Positive Attitude - Positive attitude reflects your character,the people who have positive attitude they got big achievements in their life and the people who have negative attitude, they always complaint, they can't give the solution.Attitude is the base of your success.
  4. Core Value - The core value is the think which keep us away from bad thinks,the people who follow the core values in their life they always recognize for their brilliant achievements. 
So we will develop the above qualities to keep us successful in the life.


Systematic Investment Planning

Corporate Systematic Planning in Mutual Fund

Dear All,

This is to inform you the lecture is arrange on Systematic Investment Planning by the financial expert  Mr.Pandre as on 03.12.2011 Saturday in Velocity logistic at 6 pm.

He will highlight you  and guide you how to invest your saving in long term so that after 5 to 10 years you got big lumsam  amount for the crucial function like marriage,education etc.
Kindly take the advantage of the seminar.

Thanking you.
Mr.Abhijeet Kamble
Human Resource Head