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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Annual Development Planing in Spring Resort

 Annual Development  Plan in  Spring Resort                                                Date: - 13.04.2013

This Development plan Meeting two thinks first is last year  how to work & This  year Develop to plan.
“When Develop to employee then improve to company”.
First speech and Introduction of  Velocity Supply chain Pvt. Ltd.  Managing Director MR. Sanjeev Palod  His presentation about “Core Value”.  
1.      Think
2.      Benefit
Pharma Division all Manager present one by one annual Development plan:-
1.      Prasana Patak  
2.      Chetan Patil  
3.      Nasir Shaikh
4.      Ashfakh Shaikh
Mr. Vishwanath Patil  ( G. M )

F.M.C.G Division all Manager Present Annual Development Plan:-
1.      Ganesh Gole
2.      Sunil chouraghe
3.      Ganesh Omble
HR Department
1.      Lopchand Pawar

Conclusion:    Mayur Wani  ( HR Head )

                                                    Velocity Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.           

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