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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Lord Ram was building a bridge before attacking Lanka. One squirrel would  roll on and off the banks and bring sand on its body. It would dump the sand clinging on its body on to the heap already there. The monkeys, Lord Rama’s sentinels, and soldiers described this incident to him. He went to the squirrel and asked why she was doing that. The reply was, “ To win over Lanka!”

The Lord said, “ What will these miniscule grains of sand do by way of help?”
The squirrel replied, “I beg your forgiveness, lord, the grains of sand are enough or less, I cannot fathom that, but all I know is that I’m trying my level best to contribute, pulling up all my energies.”This overwhelmed Rama. He lovingly patted her back. It is said that the stripes on a squirrel’s body are the fingerprints of Lord Rama.

It doesn’t matter whether the assignment is big or small. What matters is whether you do it with total surrender and enthusiasm or not. If you are eager, you have that zeal and you are enthusiastic then no one can stop you. Zealous people right from childhood to old age, keep striving and achieving admirable feats.

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