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Saturday, January 22, 2011



The workshop on “Change” organize on 15.01.11 in “Velocity”. The workshop intitive taken by Mr. Avinash Wani. The workshop has conducted by Mr. Avinash Wani & Mr. Kaushik. In the workshop from organization total 22 staff has attended. The workshop beginning has done with the prayer.

The workshop starts with the discussion on
Why we are coming to work.
Participants has given spontaneous response and came out with following points.
To utilize skills & ability of employee, For company’s growth, For earning money, For safe future, For getting knowledge, social status,
In the workshop below mentioned subject are taken for understanding it well..
1) Change
2) Team work
3) Core values
4) Time management
5) Do the difficult task first
6) Interpretation of others
In the session given one incident of Ship accident & instructed team to pick up the things by own choice survive on island material for saving life. It gives moral for us like Team work, coordination with team members think beyond self imagination, every problem has its own solution, keep your confidence high.

Demos -
Leadership & importance of foundation – Making a paper tower within 13 minutes which will stand for 40 seconds
1)Choose your leader for work then planning the work properly before indulging into it.
2) For any work basic foundation is important.
3) Team work– Team is not only a set of people but one individual.
4) It was successfully done by team – Anil Pardeshi, Sandip Mulik., Yogita, Bhanudas sakat, Rahul Bansode, Sunil Modak.
Task 1: To make a pyramid ( tower) with the help of news paper only
Participants had made the highest tower with the group.




Participants has shown their spirit for making it and all three team had made the tower. In this the concept got to participants from this activity are
1) leaders are important in working
2) planning to consume the available things & work within provided material.
3) Main thing is foundation for work i e basic in the work will give good results.

Core Values.
Sanjeev Palod has told about the importance of core values in the organization.and very effectively & nicely explained it through one story of hardworking and integrity. Also he told values cannot be changed even circumstances change. and after this Mr palod has asked about workshop the participants has given spontaneous reply and told all points covered in this session. & also requested for such kind of workshop should continuously organize.


Time Management:
In organization time management and to complete work with perfection and superiority
To learn about the facing the problem in every situation and confidence is important thing for completion of work.
Time Management: Making a circle chain and passing the ring from one by one & end up to the starting point.
Defination of Success: Successis realizing your potential.
In the beginning they made of targeg of 95 seconds & actually happened in 18 seconds. They came to know from it.
The potential should be judged properly before planning for work.
Learn from mistakes & think for better execution of the same work. One can never be trained , one can only be learned.
Successfully done by the team: Mr. navnath, Bhanudas Sakat, Vijay Modak, Sunder, Kadam, Kiran; Survashee.shekh.
Also numbers countdown game taken i.e from 100 to 1 counting
The concept behind this game everybody like straight way work but nobody ready for difficult work. From the game they understood , in a team with proper concentrate
on even in reverse situation too they will able to do any work perfectly in time.
Successfully done by the team: Mr. Kamble, Vikas, Yogita, Vishal Ghule, Sandip, Sakat,Mahesh Jagtap.Premsingh.
Success and leadership
Definition of success is elaborated with examples for realising the potential of self.
And for leadership is the terminology is taking responsibility and completing with good results.
Through different games above game concept & their importance in daily work & in life perfectly explain in very simple understandable language by Mr.Avinash Wani. Also Mr. Kaushik, Mr. Ganesh Omble, & Mr. V. Patil. help a lot for happening this WORKSHOP healthy & fruitful .

All the participant has came out of workshop with smiling face & with the commitment to their self they will be ready to do the efforts more than 110% . Also in their written feedback they have given many of promising things they learn form it.
Together we will make a difference.

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